Revealed: Diet secrets of athletes with perfect body

Here we give you some useful food tips that will enable you to remain always fit and healthy

Revealed: Diet secrets of athletes with perfect body

If you want to stay healthy and fit, you need to make some alterations in your food habits. Following are some that will help you for sure:

Have a heavy breakfast to avoid binge eating
Start your day with a heavy and healthy breakfast. Quinoa is one healthy grain you can have. It is not a cereal but has all the good qualities of a cereal. If you are not a cereal person, besan chilla is a good option for you. But use less oil while making it. Better still make it on a non-stick tava. Another option is making a chilla by mixing two-third besan and one third oats. It tastes good and keeps you full for a long time.

Go for home-made sweets
Sweets made at home with natural sweeteners like apple or lauki kheer are the best to satisfy your sweet tooth. They taste a lot like phirni but are absolutely calorie free, especially when made with raisins and honey instead of sugar.

Consider water the best beverage
Stay hydrated, always. You can stay hydrated with healthy beverages such as nimbu pani with less sugar, iced green tea and buttermilk too. But, if you depend totally on water for hydration, you are twice as likely to lose 5 % of your bodyweight.
The best way to check if you are fully hydrated or not is to check the color of urine. A transparent urine means you are having enough water but any shade of yellow in it means you need to consume more water.

In addition to following the above steps, include the following in your daily routine

In the morning

Aloe vera is the best antacid. Sip two table spoons of Aloe Vera juice every morning or swallow a spoon of fresh aloe vera gel with a glass of lukewarm water. Aloe Vera aids in digestion and keep acidity level normal. Diabetic people should add a spoon of Amla juice to Aloe Vera as Amla helps keep the body’s blood sugar within normal range.

During the day
Through the day you can have Coconut Water. It heals acidity, which means lesser temptation to cheat on your diet with sweets, thereby ensuring controlled blood sugar levels. Coconut Water is good even for diabetic patients as it helps burn the insulin in body and keeps the blood sugar levels in check.
Limit your tea or coffee to 1 or 2 cups a day instead of 4– 5 cups shun that cola bottle. This will help cut down about 400 calories.

Before you sleep
Go for Triphala Churan, one teaspoon with warm water. It detoxifies the body and helps prevent deposition of fat by aiding digestion.

And while going out, shopping or otherwise
Have a glass of soya milk and fruit chat before leaving home. This will keep you full and you won’t fall for the first burger you see when you are in market.