In Defence of Right Thinkers

Since it's a public group, there's no criteria to join the group. And it serves as a platform to handle all the issues in our society.

In Defence of Right Thinkers

Right Thinkers, a Facebook group that debates on current issues, is in the limelight after it was revealed that Shajeer Mangalasseri Abdulla, suspected kingpin of the Kerala module of the Islamic State, used to be an active member of the group once.

However, most of the rumours circulating in the media about Right Thinkers, the biggest public group in Malayalam with 1,82,000 members, are illogical. There's no truth about these rumours related to the group's alleged connection with the person, who exited Facebook itself in 2014.

The Right Thinkers group is not a religious group and serves as a platform to debate on current issues in our society.

Its admin panel consists of people from different religious and ideological backgrounds. And since it's a public group, there's no criteria for its membership.

A group, which consist of different ideological members, cannot support a particular ideology alone. And the group has a policy to ban IDs that post extreme ideologies or support such extremist groups. The admins are always alert to find such IDs and that is policy of the group too.

The 15th point in the group policy states that "any kind of ISIS-related debates won't be entertained and the person who initialises such debates, would get banned immediately".

While every now and then, admins track extremist IDs, who would post provocative ideologies, and warn other group members about those IDs through public posts, it is impossible to screen all the members of such a vast group. This move has even provoked these extremist IDs to post against group admins at times.

The group handles every subject under the sun like religious, political, scientific etc. The ID in question left the group in 2014. When he was in the group, he never posted any ISIS ideological post in the group. And the group had no idea about his whereabouts after 2014. Moreover, he was just one among the 1,82,000 members.

Along with Right Thinkers, he was a member of other Malayalam social groups like Free Thinkers too. Sameer Ali, the ID suspected to be Sajeer Managalassery's fake ID, has friends from Free Thinkers group, including the group admins.

That itself clarifies that he was active in other groups. Since Right Thinkers group admins alerted group members about this ID, they ignored his requests and reported it to Facebook. The Right Thinkers group does all things within its limits to alert its members about suspected IDs.

All group meetings of Right Thinkers are conducted publicly in the presence of media and political figures like Sebastian Paul MP, with reports and videos of the meets available in popular media.

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