'Riot' charges against journalist for filming Native American's protest get slapped down by judge

A north Dakota judge dismissed the 'riot' charges against Amy Goodman, an award-winning journalist of Democracy Now.

A north Dakota judge dismissed the 'riot' charges against Amy Goodman, an award-winning journalist of Democracy Now. On September 28, Goodman got the message about her arrest for filming Native american's protest and clashing with police and guards. The protest was against Dakota Access Pipeline which will cross four states in the western US.

After Goodman filmed the security guards were working for the 'Dakota Access Pipeline' using dogs and pepper sprays on protesters, authorities have issued a warrant for Goodman's arrest and accused that she had participated in the "Riot"

"This is a vindication of a press, of the first amendment, of the public's right to know. I see the media really as the ‘Underground Railroad’ of information. And that information must continue on all things that are happening. That’s our job." Goodman reacted to the judgement.

Protesters are claiming that this will affect the water sources and the environment. At the same time, the company behind the pipeline'Energy Transport Partners' stated that the project will be a boost to the local economy and this is a safer method to transport fuels than rail and road.

Earlier thousands of protesters gathered outside the US district court by raising the slogans "native lives matter", "water is life" and"be on the right side of the history, no DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline)"