Saif Ali Khan 'trolled' by Kerala woman with ‘heavy music’

The shooting of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan�s new film 'Chef' was disrupted in Kerala after a woman in neighbourhood decided to play music in high volume

Saif Ali Khan

Witnessing a super star movie shooting is always thrilling for common mass, and a rare opportunity if it’s in the neighboUrhood.  But for Auria Keri, a native of Fort Kochi in Kerala, it was an apt moment to stage a protest.

This week, the shooting of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan’s new film Chef was disrupted in God’s Own Country after a woman in the neighborhood of the shooting site decided to express her hostility against year-long ‘shooting goondaism’.

Tired of continuous film shootings in front of her house, Auria, mother of two, rented a music system and played it in high volume for continuous three hours until the crew left the place.

The shooting of Chef, a new film by Raja Krishna Menon after Airlift, was scheduled in a Cochin Corporation-owned plot with prior permission. The shooting had to stop as team was not able to do spot dubbing due to the ‘music’.

“My family lives in the top floor our house, while we run a spa in the ground floor of the building. All these movie shootings are taking place in a small plot in front our building, putting our daily life in trouble,” says Auria Keri, a former German Embassy official.

Auria Keri said at least 100 films are being shot in this place in a year and the crew acts like ‘gundas’, instructing them how to move around. She complained that it has affected their life and also the business.

“Most of my clients in the spa are foreigners. Who will come here and pay us to suffer from all those noises? I have started this business after taking loan from the bank and how do I am going to run my business without clients,” she asked.

Auria said she had given several complaints to officials, including the District Collector, but no action has been taken yet. The Supreme Court had earlier ruled in favour of her petition regarding the shooting of Mammootty’s Malayalam movie
Kammath and Kammath
, which took over a month to complete the shooting in Fort Kochi.

When the shooting of Saif Ali Khan’s movie started here last day, they asked me to move my car that was parked in front of my house. Few ‘gundas’ from the crew even threatened me to move the vehicle. As I got irritated, I went and rented the music system along with a generator and played it in high volume,” Auria said.

The officials have now registered a case against the family for creating noise pollution. Anyways at last even Saif Ali Khan also had no option to defend this 'tricky trolling' rather than clapping.