Shocking Video of 5 Bengal Tigers roaming in Dubai Beach

A shocking video that was uploaded on YouTube a few days back shows five tigers wandering along the beautiful Kite Beach of Dubai

Couple of months ago, authorities in Dubai came with a ban on keeping exotic animals as pets. In the recent years, big cats such as lions, tigers, cheetah and panthers were exceedingly being kept as pets by many residents of Dubai, due to which the authorities had to take strict actions.

However, in a video that was uploaded on YouTube a few days back, five tigers can be seen wandering along the beautiful Kite Beach of Dubai. The video went viral in no time and has received over 8,00,000 views so far and has been  shared all over on different social media platforms. The original video has been removed from YouTube, perhaps under the orders of the authorities.

Speculations are that the video was taken from one of the private beaches in Burj Al Arab. As there are a number of castles lined up together near the Burj Al Arab, owned by the local sheikhs, it is believed said that this particular video was taken from one of the castles in King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street (the street was formerly known as Al Sufouh Road).

On the other hand, the principal wildlife specialist from the Dubai Zoo/Safari, Dubai Municipality, Dr Reza Khan, said the authorities received no reports regarding five tigers being let loose on the beach in Dubai. He told local newspaper Gulf News: “First of all, we cannot determine whether the beach is a private or a public one. If it was filmed on the public beach, it would have put the public’s safety at risk”.

He later went on to elaborate on the procedures required to be followed in order to export exotic animals such as the Bengal Tiger and the Siberian Tiger in the country. “The tiger is on the list of endangered animals as per IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List and in Cites (Convention on the International Trade of Endagered Specicies) Appendix I,” he said.

He further added “So, it cannot be traded and procured from any country without a permit.”

Considering the clarity of the video, it is highly possible that the video was probably recorded years ago. However, even if these tigers were let loose any time now, this would not have been the first case of such wild beasts running around Dubai. Earlier this year in January, a cub lioness was spotted prancing around on the streets of Barsha. Time and again, Dubai residents have reported having seen one of the big cats on the seats of some expensive cars.