Shots fired at Miranda Kerr's California house

An intruder who is believed to be homeless was shot in the head at Friday morning, the security was stabbed in the eye. The incident took place at at supermodel, Miranda Kerr�s Malibu mansion .

Shots fired at Miranda Kerr

An intruder who is believed to be homeless was shot in the head at Friday morning, the security was stabbed to the eye. This left two people hospitalized after hopping from the fence at supermodel, Miranda Kerr‘s Malibu mansion reports TMZ.

Miranda is said to be living here with her five-year-old son. “The guard was stabbed in the facial injury and he had minor injuries. He produced a handgun and shot the intruder three to four times in the face and torso,” reports the LA County Sheriff’s Office. “Neither the guard nor the intruder has life threatening injuries.”

Meanwhile, her neighbour, who only mentioned his name as Jerry told Los Angeles TV station CBS2 “The man, after he was shot, still held the knife and was going after the security man so my guy kicked the knife out of the perpetrator’s hands.”

From LA sheriffs department, Sergeant James Braden, said that the deputies were called off to the mansion just before midday at Friday after receiving a phone call about the fight that involved a person with a gun.

Braden says, “When the deputies arrived at the residence they found an armed security guard was involved in a physical altercation with an intruder.”

“During the physical altercation, the intruder stabbed the armed security guard and the armed security guard shot the intruder.”

It is said that the homeless intruder had jumped a fence on Miranda's property and was on the ground while the security guard had confronted him.

“There were no occupants in the house at the time of this incident,” Braden stated. “The incident took place on the property, but not inside the house.”

Previously, the Victoria's Secret Angel, told Harper’s Bazaar in September issue, “I knew that this house was it at first sight. It needed a lot of work, but it had a great view.”