Studies find the gene which causes breast cancer in men

A two-year study which concluded that mutations in BRCA2 gene (BRCA for Breast cancer) make men more susceptible to the disease.

Researchers of the Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI) and the Department of Anthropology in the University of Calcutta have found the BRCA2 gene which can increase the risk of breast cancer in men.

A two-year study which concluded that mutations in BRCA2 gene (BRCA for Breast cancer) that make men more susceptible to the disease.

A study on male breast cancer was something new while lots of studies have been done on BRCA1, BRCA2 and other gene mutations causing female breast cancer. Samples were collected from several patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

This was followed by DN sequencing by which gene expression and novel mutations responsible for breast cancer were identified.

Usually, diagnosis takes much more time since breast cancer lumps are much smaller than women. BRCA2 mutations carriers are found in lymph nodes. This causes delays in seeking medical interventions because men who are having breast cancer do not feel pain.

Abhishikta Ghosh Roy, a research scholar with AnSI, anthropologist B.N. Sarkar of ANSI and Professor A.R. Bandyopadhyay have been associated with the research the result of which has significant revelations. The study says that lifestyle and reproductive factors also cause disease in men. Alcohol consumption and hormonal therapy feature among these factors.

The study was primarily conducted among Bengali Hindu men. Researchers are now planning to expand the sample circle by studying populations across the country. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancers among women. Breast cancer amounts to 25.4 percent of all the cancers across India according to the data released by the National Cancer Registry Data till 2013.

Male breast cancer is comparatively rare compared to these figures. It accounts for less than one percent of all breast cancers and one percent of all cancers reported among men.