The New MacBook Pro will look like this and come with a Touch feature

According to leaked information, the upcoming MacBook Pro model will be launched with a Touch ID Strip along with MacBook Style Keyboard

In a recent video by Apple, introducing new iOS Sierra, it has leaked out a few snippets of the features of the upcoming MacBook Pro, prior to it’s event on Thursday.

This video on the new MacBook Pro, shows that keyboard of the MacBook Pro is going to be accompanied by a touch ID Strip. The touch strip also seems to be embedded with a finger printer as per the information by Mac Rumour 

Although, there isn’t much drastic difference in the design, the MacBook Pro does look slightly flatter and having slimmer bezels for both the screen and the keys.



The highlight of this new Apple device is, hands down, the touch strip is going to be located above the keyboard. It has been under much speculations that Apple was going to introduce the same to their MacBook Pros, but there has been no formal confirmation.


This plain black strip, seeps to be turned off as and when the Laptop is shut down. When activated, there are predictions being made that the strip would display various touch options including fingerprint identification and may be even slide open. These touch strip options will probably also change according to the programs and applications being used.

9to5Mac also suggests that one of the images point towards a possibility of the touch strip operating as a touch and slide option to unlock the device and authenticate certain things.

There are also rumours that apple may name this new touch feature as the Magic Tool, considering the names given to its previous devices, including Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. Although the magical features in these deivices are rather debatable issues. There are also murmurs about Apple working on a new keyboard pad, that will have the ability to change its icons and e-ink buttons according to the software and applications being used.