Theresa May heads to India to look beyond Europe after Brexit

Theresa May is to visit India in November which will be her first bilateral trip outside the EU since becoming the British Prime Minister. The visit is to seek new global trading relations after Brexit.

Theresa May heads to India to look beyond Europe after Brexit

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is going to visit India with a delegation of small and medium size businesses in November.  It will be her first bilateral visit to a country outside Europe since she took the office. The purpose of the visit is building new global trade relations after Brexit.

During Mrs. May’s three day visit from 6 November to 8, she will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and will inaugurate India-UK tech summit, South Asia’s largest technology conference, in Delhi.

It is expected that a number of deals will be signed during the visit. The relationship between the two nations is strong and Indian diaspora plays an important role in Britain’s national life, May believes.

For British economy, it is necessary that it finds a new market since many nations have refused to make deals with Britain due to their exit from European Union. This decline is going to affect the British economy adversely. Leading  economists point out that Britain is going to face an economic recession which will be deeper than the recession in 2012.

Post-Brexit effects put pressure on Britain to make new agreements and deals. According to conservative party’s new central theme “A country that works for everyone” will work with India in coming days.