These symptoms of breathing problems could prove to be deadly

If you have any of the below problems, do consult your doctor immediately..

These symptoms of breathing problems could prove to be deadly

Breating problems

1. Wheezing

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If you hear a high-pitched whistling noise when you inhale and exhale that means your airways are narrow. This could be because of asthma, infection or any allergic reaction. Wheezing could be a sign that you inhaled something by mistake and it’s stuck in the airway.

2. Coughing

Apart from the cough which you get while suffering from flu, if you also feel short of breath, it can be a sign of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The airways for the people with COPD are inflamed, clogged with mucus. Sometimes they do not work as well as they used to. Smoking is the biggest cause for COPD. Breathing smoke, polluted air or toxic chemical environment can also affect your airways. In severe cases, you will notice weight loss or swelling of ankles, feet, or legs.

3. Easily tired when you’re active

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This might indicate that you are anemic. It is a problem due to lack of iron. Iron is required to help the blood carry oxygen in your body. If it is not enough, you feel short of breath or have chest pain while you exercise. This can affect you with weakness, listening your heart pounding etc. The problem could be solved by consuming iron-rich foods. Lean meat,leafy greens and beans contain more iron.

4. Sudden lack of Breath

It is normal to get out of breath when you are more active than usual. If you feel slowed down for no reason or suddenly, don’t brush it off. It could be a signal of a problem with your airways or heart.

5. Chest Pain

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When your chest hurts while breathing in and out, sometimes it could be a sign of an infection like pneumonia. It could also be a symptom of heart problem. Chest pain after a working out or stressful event could be due to angina, in which, muscles of heart don’t get the required blood. Check with the doctor since the problem could lead to other heart problems. If you have chest pain that is longer than 15 minutes or is spreading to other parts of your body, or you feel nauseous, sweaty, or find blood in your cough you may have a heart attack.

6. Fast, Shallow Breathing

Apart from feeling stressed or anxious, if the breathing goes shallow for too long, it can lead to hyperventilation, or “over breathing.” It makes you feel like you can’t get enough of air. Consult your doctor immediately.