Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

This Chinese smartphone is copying Apple iPhone 8 high-tech design

Jayakrishnan VU | October 26, 2016 10:34 pm Print
The design of Mi Mix is inspired by Apple's new iPhone, having no borders or bezels, which is currently being developed in Israel.

Smartphone firm Xiaomi has unveiled its new Mi Mix smartphone which is closely modeled on the upcoming iPhone model from Apple.The design of Mi Mix is inspired by Apple’s new iPhone, having no borders or bezels, which is currently being developed in Israel.

Similarities between iPhone 8 and Xiaomi: A closer look

The Mi Mix is having no borders or bezels, and boasts an “all-display” front surface, which makes it distinct from the new design of upcoming iPhone 8 model, say experts.

Here are some tweets by Xiaomi on new design of Mi Mix:

Let’s find out more on the design of Mi Mix:

The Mi Mix has astonishingly thin borders around its long-6.4-inch mobile screen. This feature gives it a look that its front surface covers up most of the display. But unlike Apple, Xiaomi has no borders or bezels.
It is having the most thinnest borders ever found on any smartphones, only at its bottom we can find any border.
As per reports Xiaomi has found a technology solution to solve issues from having all-screen front surface.

The earpiece of Xiaomi:

Xiaomi has used a a vibrating arm in the smartphone that will show complete resonance through out the ceramic body of the phone

When it will be available in the US market?

US customers may miss out this wonderful as gadget, as currently it is not available in the market. Xiaomi may have to undergo many design changes for the new model in US market.

Also Xiaomi faces an uphill task of marketing the gadget in market conquered by Apple iphone and Samsung smartphones. So it is aiming at the Indian and Chinese markets now.

Jayakrishnan VU