This iPhone 8 news will blow your mind, find out what to expect from next Apple smartphone….

The shiny packed display of iPhone 8 will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass to an extent!! Find out more good news....

So now the demand of jet black shiny iPhone 7 plus with perfect military encryption made Apple to make the next one with more classy and shiny casing.

And by that way,  the shiny packed  display of iPhone8 will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass to an extent.

Apple iPhone 8 would be the best ever device with long battery back up with 18 Hrs on 3G use. And this will be also give same results for 4G.

The launch of Apple’s new iPhone 7 has been the most talked about event in tech world in 2016. While Apple has benefited enormously due to the bad publicity owing to security concerns over Samsung Note 7’s battery issue and subsequent recall by the company.

Adding to the speculations over its new features, Apple said, the new iphone is radically different from previous iphone 5 and 6 versions.

Forbes report says,

On top of using glass on the front and back sides of the iPhone 8, Apple is expected to throw in a switch to a curved OLED display under so-called 2.5D glass, sculpt the glass create a smooth and unblemished exterior, promote the use of stainless steel to create a ‘premium’ chassis at the top end of the portfolio and remove much of the dead bezel space from the front of the smartphone.

So here you have all new specs and classifications of iPhone 8 for you:

Specifications & Features Apple iPhone 8 Specs
Battery Power 8+: 2700 mAh 8+: 3300 mAh
Camera Features Auto focus, Optical image stabilization, rapid charging, Wireless Charging, 3D-4K Resolution, Live Photo
Camera – Primary 14 MP Primary Camera
Camera – Front Facing 4 MP Front-Facing Camera
Colors Silver/Space Grey/Gold/Rose Gold
Features OLED, Gorilla, Eye+Fingerprint Scanner, Retina Display
Memory (16/32/64/128/256) GB
Operating System iOS 11, upgradable to iOS 11.3.2
Price $1200 USD, 1069.38 Euro, 827.07 GBP
Processor A10
Release Date Q-4, 2017
Screen Display 6.2” – 6.5” 4K screen corning, retina display
Sensors Barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2, thermometer
Video Recording 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps