Those who shelter, help terrorists shouldn't be spared: PM Modi

Modi said the global community has to unite to put an end to terror, the �enemy of humanity� which is �destroying the world�

Those who shelter, help terrorists shouldn

In what can be an apparent reference to surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday stated that it's time to uproot terrorist and also not spare who shelter, help terrorists.

Addressing a Ramlila gathering in Lucknow on the occasion of Dussehra celebration, PM Modi, citing examples from the Ramayan, speak on the need to fight terror,  said, “terrorism has no boundaries and if 125 crore countrymen unite to remain vigilant against every activity of terrorists, it will be very difficult for terrorists to succeed”.

Modi said the global community has to unite to put an end to terror, the “enemy of humanity” which is “destroying the world”.

“Those who think terror has not touched them should not live in that mistaken belief. Terrorism has no boundaries (aatankwad ki koi seema nahin hai, aatankwad ki koi maryada nahin hai). It is bent on finding its way in to destroy all that represents humanity. It is imperative that forces which symbolise humanity unite against terror… It will not be possible to save humanity without eradicating terrorism,” the Prime Minister said, reported the
Indian Express

Modi  further added that 30-40 years ago, whenever India raised the issue of terrorism and the problems it was facing because of the menace, the world would not believe it. He recalled that in 1992-93, when he discussed terror with a US State Department official, the latter told him it was a law and order problem.

On Monday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Monday dubbed Prime Minister Modi’s upcoming visit to the state capital to attend the Dussehra celebrations as politically motivated with an eye on the upcoming state assembly polls.

Echoing the similar sentiment, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati  dubbed Prime Minister’s Modi’s visit to Lucknow a political stunt and said that the event should have been toned down taking into account the loss suffered by the families of soldiers killed in the Uri terror attack.