Trump may not accept election result if Hillary wins: US media

Trump earlier said he would “absolutely” support Hillary if she defeats him in November

The Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump may not accept the election result if Hillary wins the race, the US media reports citing his comments.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, he indicated that he would reverse his statement that promised he would “absolutely” support Hillary if she defeats him in November.

Taking a step back from his earlier statement, Trump was quoted as saying in the interview: “We’re going to have to see. We’re going to see what happens. We’re going to have to see.”

Earlier, Trump had expressed his concern over voter fraud claiming that is a big, big problem in this country” and that “nobody has the guts to talk about it”. He also urged his supporters to “go and watch the polling places and make sure it is on the up and up,” The Guardian reported.

In the last week, the Republican nominee was busy defending himself against charges of sexism. Former beauty pageant winner Alicia Machado had criticised him for alleged sexist and said she was called “Miss Piggy” by the Trump when he owned the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

However, attacking her back, he asked Americans to examine Alicia Machado’s personal history and her “sex tape”.

Recently, an NYT report revealed that Donald Trump may have escaped from paying federal income tax legally in the US for up to 18 years after claiming a huge loss in his tax returns.

The report revealed that tax experts analysed the documents said US laws may have permitted Trump to use the near-$billion loss to cancel out an equal amount of taxable income until 2013.

The flamboyant Donald Trump has consistently refused to release his tax returns throughout his 2016 U S Elections campaign prompting  his rival Hillary to be critical of him on many occasions for non-payment of his corporate taxes.