Trump promises strong Indo-American ties

"Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends, in fact, I would take the term better out and we would be best friends," Trump said.

Trump promises strong Indo-American ties

In the first-ever address to Indian-Americans by a presidential candidate, Donald Trump spoke animatedly about India, praising its fight against terrorism and dynamic leadership by Narendra Modi. He said,“Incredible people and incredible country.”

The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) chief, Shalabh Kumar, donated $1.1 million to the republican presidential nominee’s campaign and brought the billionaire to headline his charity event in the Little India of New Jersey in Edison on Saturday. In his welcome address, Kumar boasted of Indian Americans being addressed by the major presidential candidate just three weeks before the election.  He urged Hindus to support and vote for Trump.

In the event, Trump termed India as a “key strategic ally” and looks forward to have a “phenomenal future” with India, if voted to power.

"India's is the world's largest democracy and is a natural ally of the US. Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends, in fact, I would take the term better out and we would be best friends," Trump, 70, told a cheering crowd of Indian-Americans, reports said.

"We are for free trade. We will have good trade deals with other countries. We are going to do a lot of business with India. We are going to have a phenomenal future together," Trump said. He went on to praise Indian Prime Minister for taking India on a fast track growth with a series of economic reforms and reforming bureaucracy, which according to Trump, US needs too.

He claimed that he is a big fan of Hinduism and India, so if he comes to power, India “would have a true friend at the White House.” He recalled being in India 19 months back, and looks forward to visit it many more times. He assures that India is a “key strategic ally” and that he plans to deepen the diplomatic and military cooperation in the interest of both the countries.

"Your great Prime Minister has been a pro-growth leader for India. He has simplified the tax code, cut the taxes and the economy is strong growing at 7 per cent year. Excellent. Our economy is practically not growing at all in the US. It's about zero. We will have a great relationship with India," Trump said. He plans to do some “serious” bureaucratic trimming in US, as he feels it is needed the most.

He also appreciated Indian community for having the highest rate of entrepreneurship.

Hitting right at his rival Hilary Clinton, he said, “We appreciate the great friend India has been to the US in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.” He sympathized with India to have experienced firsthand "brutality of terror" in the past "including the mayhem in Mumbai, a place that I love, a place that I understand." He considered terrorist attack in Mumbai and Parliament as “absolutely outrageous” and terrible.

"We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We will stand soldier to soldier in this fight. This is so important in the age of Islamic State," Trump said.