Trump says he will scrap Paris climate deal if elected

Trump said he will not back the deal as it will cost the country’s economy $5.3 trillion
Donald Trump

Confirming one of his earlier statements, the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump said he will cancel the historic Paris climate deal if he wins the election.

While addressing an election rally in Florida, Trump said he will not back the deal as it will cost the country’s economy $5.3 trillion, media reports said.

Trump was quoted as saying: “I believe so much in the environment. Believe it or not, people are shocked — I’ve won many environmental awards. Many. But the Paris deal, supported by Hillary, will cost our country another USD 5.3 trillion over a period of time and skyrocket electricity prices.”

“We will cancel this deal so that our companies can compete. We want clean beautiful air. We want crystal clear water. That’s what we want. We want to be able to do business throughout the world, not so that we can’t compete because of these crazy deals that our president is making,” he added.

During the initial stage of his campaign in July, billionaire businessman had said he would cancel the deal. Backing his argument, Trump has claimed that there is no evidence that humans are responsible for climate change.

However, a senior US administration official said the country will be able to meet its obligations under the Paris accord on climate change if Trump were elected president, the Guardian reported.

Earlier in September, the United States ratified the 2015 Paris agreement to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, taking a big step toward the enactment of the pact.

Commenting on the country’s decision, President Barack Obama then said: “We have a saying in America that you need to put your money where your mouth is. And when it comes to combating climate change that is what we are doing … we are leading by example.”

More than 195 countries have pledged to reduce carbon emissions in 2015 as part of the agreement.