Trump to meet Hindu-Americans on Oct 15, says Republican Hindu Coalition

Shalabh Kumar, the founder of RHC, claims that this is the first of its kind event where the president hopeful meets only one specific ethnic community.

Trump to meet Hindu-Americans on Oct 15, says Republican Hindu Coalition

IMG_3271-2Although Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate for the US election, faces severe criticism for his much-disputed stand against the immigrants, many Hindu organisations in the US find no difficulty in projecting him as the best ally for Indians. To leverage this support, Trump is all set to address Hindu Americans in New Jersey on October 15.

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“The event is the first of its kind since no Presidential candidate has ever addressed a particular ethnic community during an election campaign. There will be more than 10,000 Hindu Americans to hear Trump’s keynote speech”, says Shalabh Kumar, the Chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), during a press conference held in Delhi today. RHC was founded in November 2015 which was modelled in the same way as Republican Jewish Coalition. RHC acts as a link that connects Hindu Americans with the top leadership of the Republican Party.

Shalabh Kumar denies Democrat’s argument that Trump’s rise to the power will hamper the India-US relation. He countered that claim by pointing out that the Republican candidate had extended his solidarity to India in its recent conflicts with Pakistan. He is sure that Trump would take wholehearted initiatives to strengthen Indian military by equipping it with the most modern weaponry.

“Calling Trump anti-immigrant is a groundless allegation. One of his ambitious plans is making Green Card accessible to more immigrants by simplifying the formalities to procure it, and still, you call him anti-immigrant. In fact, he is demanding for a policy which promotes skilled migrants. What he really wants is to put an end to the immigration from countries like Mexico that ruins the peace of American society.”, says Shalabh Kumar.

The event will be a charity concert organised for the victims of terrorist attacks in the US, France, Germany, UK and India. About 50% of the amount will be given to Kashmiri Pundits and Bangladeshi Hindu refugees.