Trump Vs Clinton: Who won the second presidential debate?

Here's a summary of what happened a he debate with top quotes by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Trump Vs Clinton: Who won the second presidential debate?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's second US presidential debate concluded in Washington University on Sunday, after racking up dozens of issues, including Trump's take on women (lewd video), Muslims, taxes and the former Secretary of State leaked emails.

The debate had started after former President and the Democrat’s husband Bill Clinton and the Republican’s wife Melania Trump already seated with their extended families. ABC’s Martha Raddatz began the debate along with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Questioning on the leaked lewd video, Cooper said: “You bragged that you sexually assualted women—do you understand that?”

Trump defended the lewd comments about women in the 2005 tape, saying: “No that’s not what I said. This was locker room talk. I am not proud of it.” He then tuned on to terrorism and “bad things happening” in the world.

Taking on Trump, Hillary Clinton said though she had differences on policies and principles with the Republican candidates in the past, but Trump “...was not fit to be president and commander in chief”.

“We’ve seen him rate women on their appearance, ranking them from one to 10... it’s not only women, it’s not only this video... This is who Donald Trump is,” she added.

Defending himself, Trump then accused Bill Clinton of doing much worse than just talking about sexual assault and even targeted the candidate of harassing a rape victim.

Trump racked up WikiLeaks’ disclosures of internal emails from Democrats. Meanwhile, the billionare was hassled by the fact that his rival was getting more time to respond and that the moderators were not bringing up issues related to Clinton.

Trump said: “If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your (email) situation... you ought to be ashamed of yourself.” There was also a moment when Trump insisted Clinton to answer the question about healthcare.

Clinton called reining in the cost of the Affordable Care Act the highest priority of the next president and agreed that premiums were high, but Trump said: “Obamacare will never work. It’s very bad health insurance.” He insisted that it was too expensive and said he would repeal it.

Top Donald Trumps quotes:

“Believe me, she (Hillary) has tremendous hate in her heart. And this country cannot take another four years of Barack Obama, and that’s what you’re getting for her.”

Targeting Clinton over the email scandal, Trump said: 
“We are going to get a special prosecutor and we are going to look into it, because you know what? People... their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you have done. And it’s a disgrace. And honestly, you (Clinton) ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Trump dismissing a statement from his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence last week in which Pence said the US should be prepared for military intervention in Syria, said,
 “He and I haven’t spoken, and I disagree.” 

“You’re right about Islamophobia, and that’s a shame... Whether we like it or not, there is a problem... Muslims have to report it when they see hate going on. Muslims have to report the problems when they see them. If they don’t do that it’s a very difficult situation for our country. She (Clinton) won’t even use the word (radical Islamic terrorism).”

Trump said he respected that Clinton “doesn’t give up”.

Top Hillary Clinton quotes:

“It is awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

 “What we all saw and heard on Friday was Donald talking about women. What he thinks about women, what he does to women... We’ve seen him insult women. We’ve seen him rate women on their appearance... spend nearly a week denigrating a former Ms Universe... so yes this is who Donald Trump is.”

 “He owes our country an apology,” Clinton said, citing Trump’s long campaign to question whether President Barack Obama was born in the US.