Twitter Outraged at Priyanka Chopra's Offensive Tee Shirt She Wore for a Magazine Cover

The message on Priyanka Chopra's tee-shirt that she wore for the shoot of Cond� Nast Traveller's cover photo has the social media ranting about how offensive and indifferent it was, considering the global situation of refugees and immigrants who are treated as outsiders.

Twitter Outraged at Priyanka Chopra

Priyanaka Chopra has gained much global recognition ever since she became a part of Hollywood, and good for her, too. Obviously, when one becomes an international celebrity, appearing on the cover of renowned magazines is not big deal. However, the fact that these celebrities are given enough importance to be placed on the cover for the world to see, means they hold enough power to influence the mindsets of the lot and also represent their point of view, on a global lever. It, therefore, becomes essential for these internationally recognised celebrities to take a thorough look at what they do before they convert their thoughts into actions.

This time around, Priyanka Chopra, played the wrong cards and ended up offending many. And with the advancement in social media, people made no efforts to keep their opinions to themselves and made sure she knew that she really hit the wrong nerve with the T-shirt she wore on cover photo on the
Condé Nast Traveller

Here is how Twitter reacted to her "insensitive" message on her Tee:

Looks like Condé Nast Traveller India and Priyanka Chora have gotten themselves in a bit of a trouble here, is an apology on its way or are they just going to let this one pass?