Unruly behaviour can soon get you in India's No-Fly list

With the rapid increase in indecent behaviour during air travel in India, misbehaviour while drunk or unruly behaviour is a sure-fire way to be barred from flying.

Unruly behaviour can soon get you in India

Increasing airports with increasing passengers in India has brought government’s attention to revamp its aviation security. In order to do this, India is considering to devise its own version of US No-Fly list. Flyers who are perceived to be a threat for co-passengers and the crew might soon be barred from flying.

Junior Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha in a conversation with Times of India said that they are working towards a better and safer framework for air travel. He said they are drawing up plans for safer travel and might consider the No-Fly list in its plans.

The No-Fly list concept comes from the US, where a list is maintained by the United States federal government’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), of people who are prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft for travel in or out of the United States. This has also been used to divert aircraft away from the US airspace that is not flying to or from the US.

According to the media reports, one of the main reasons the Indian Government is considering this option is increasing issues on flights caused by passengers. Even though airline staff is well-equipped to deal with some issues, not everything can be handled by them, affecting the security of passengers and crew.

With the rapid increase in indecent behaviour during air travel in India, misbehaviour while drunk or unruly behaviour is a sure-fire way to be barred from flying. Recently it was reported that in a flight from Bhubaneshwar to Delhi, a man stripped nude in lavatory and then called air hostess showing lewd gestures.

In other such instances, rage has also disturbed the crew and travelers. In July, a Dubai-Kozhikode flight had to be landed in Mumbai because a man got into an argument with the crew and allegedly raised slogan supporting ISIS. While in August, a woman flying business class from Mumbai to Lucknow threw her handbag at another passenger and pushed her way into the flight.

Reports said such unruly passengers are increasing day-by-day, and can become a challenge for the country.

Strengthening of aviation security is being planned along with the Home Ministry under the guidance of the PMO. The government’s proposed regional connectivity scheme plans to increase operational airports from 75 to 150 and increase number of aircraft from 400 to 1,200 in less than a decade.