Revealed: How arms dealer Abhishek Verma Honey Trapped BJP MP Varun Gandhi....

According to sources, Abhishek Verma has honey trapped many other people, apart from Varun Gandhi, including government officials, ex-defence personnels, journalists, UPA ministers and Congress leaders. He usually lays a trap for his victims during his VIP parties conducted at his farm house in Vasant Kunj.

Revealed: How arms dealer Abhishek Verma Honey Trapped BJP MP Varun Gandhi....

'In his Indian homeland, they call him "Lord of War". There is evidently something Abhishek Verma loves even more than weapons and the money he earns from acting as a middleman: blonde women - as Eva Herzigova,' says a report published by popular German news portal Der Spiegel. Abhishek Verma, the infamous arms dealer who is the main suspect in scams such as Scorpene submarine deal, AgustaWestland VVIP helicopter bribery scam and Navy war room leak case, has not just stung BJP MP Varun Gandhi, but also honeytrapped many other people, including government officials, ex-defence personals, journalists, UPA ministers and Congress leaders. Our sources tell us he usually lays a trap for his victims during his VIP parties conducted at his farm house in Vasant Kunj.

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A man resembling BJP leader Varun Gandhi is seen in images circulating on social media with a woman sex worker.[/caption]

New York lawyer C. Edmonds Allen recently alleged that Varun Gandhi, the young parliamentarian of Bharatiya Janata Party, was honey trapped and compromised by the notorious arms dealer Abhishek Verma after he participated in immoral activities with prostitutes arranged by Verma.

Narada News published a news on Saturday, about some nude images of an individual closely resembling the leader and engaging in sexual acts with the "female escort" which have been surfaced on social media. These sexual images are supposedly those handed over by C. Edmonds Allen as proof of the incident.

Our sources inform us Abhishek Verma used a farmhouse which was owned by Atul Gupta, a resident of Greater Kailash, and had been leased out to Anca Neacsu, on behalf of Ganton India. Anca Neacsu aka Anca Verma is the Romanian-born wife of Abhishek Verma and former Miss Universe Romania. (Both of them got arrested by the CBI on 9th of July, 2012, four days after their official marriage).

[caption id="attachment_321363" align="alignleft" width="400"]Abhishek Verma and his wife in a VIP private party organised in his Vasant Kunj farm house Abhishek Verma and his wife in a VIP private party organised in his Vasant Kunj farmhouse | Photo: Fashion TV Facebook page[/caption]

Abhishek Verma used to invite VIPs, including retired defence personnel, to the farmhouse and provided escort service to them, according to our sources. He also installed hidden spy cameras in the bedrooms to record their compromising pictures and videos. One person who provided spy cam to Verma told us that Verma had installed hidden cameras in each room at different angles in such a way that the victim will never come to know. The cameras were imported from Israel and delivered high-quality images and videos.

Verma allegedly used these images and videos to blackmail many politicians and other government officials. The politicians trapped included many Congress leaders also, according to the source.

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Ganton India was a company owned by Abhishek Verma, in partnership with C. Edmonds Allen and Vicky Chowdhary. Ganton India was a subsidiary of Ganton Ltd US, owned by Edmonds Allen. Allen ended his partnership with Verma in 2012, accusing him of indulging in money laundering and operating as a middleman in arms deals.

He started sending documented evidence against Verma, to different investigating agencies in India after he stopped his business partnership with him. Allen also alleged Verma of attempting to manipulate trade policy to benefit certain international defence firms.

[caption id="attachment_321365" align="alignright" width="400"]Abhishek Verma Honey Trap A job advertisement published by Ganton India during 2011[/caption]

Allen also alleged that Verma was providing escort services for retired defence officers. Allen wrote a letter to the CBI in 2012, which mentioned Anca Verma's profile 'as a struggling receptionist from Romania' before she was appointed as the managing director of Ganton India Pvt Ltd, by Verma. Allen also mentioned a certain Red 'N Pink company, set up by Abhishek Verma and his wife, as a modelling agency. According to Allen, Verma used to ask him to obtain visas for several women for short-term employment with Ganton India, but he has no proof of their services or payments.

Allen also alleged that Verma asked him to obtain a multiple-entry visa for Zohal Hamid, the girl involved in the IPL scandal. Zohal Hamid, a US-Afghan citizen was hired by Ganton India, to escort retired Indian defence officers to an arms fair in Las Vegas, according to Allen's statement.

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Varun Gandhi was also a victim of the same honey trap arrangement by Verma, according to Allen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not reacted to the allegations as he got credible pieces of evidence on this matter. The sources said he had sent the controversial images he received for forensic test and verified their genuineness. BJP sources told us that the party had decided not to back Varun Gandhi on this issue, as they know that the Varun Gandhi sex scandal is genuine.

C. Edmond Allen has been sending several letters containing information about Verma's involvement in many scams, to the India government officials since 2012. If the given pieces of information are correct, Abhishek Verma is a threat to the national security.