Varun Gandhi not just involved in “leaks for sex,” read all allegations against him submitted to PM

Allen, former partner of Verma, said Varun was “a member of Parliament of the Defence Consultative Committee” when he was blackmailed with photographs taken with “foreign escorts”

Varun Gandhi

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 16 September 2016, C Edmonds Allen, a New York-based lawyer, alleged that arms dealer Abhishek Verma “honey trapped and compromised” BJP MP Varun Gandhi to leak significant defence information.  Allen, former partner of Verma, said Varun was “a member of Parliament of the Defence Consultative Committee” when he was blackmailed with photographs taken with “foreign escorts”. Narada News yesterday reported that the nude images of an individual closely resembling Varun engaging in sexual activities with the “female escort” have surfaced on social media.

What were the allegations made by C Edmonds Allen on Varun Gandhi?

  • Varun Gandhi has been honey trapped and compromised by the notorious arms dealer Abhishek Verma and participated in immoral activities with prostitutes arranged by Verma. The evidence already exist with CBI.
  • Varun met management of Defense companies at private parties arranged by Verma and solicits business on Verma’s behest.
  • Verma knew Varun since 2000 onwards and received information on the workings of the parliamentary Defense committee using Varun’s photos in compromising positions.
  • Allen claimed he has got these photos checked by a cyber forensic expert who confirmed that they have not been morphed or edited.
  • Vikki Choudary, a onetime dear friend of Verma, confirmed that these photos are genuine.
  • Verma handed over those photos of Varun Ghandi to various intelligent agencies. Verma using these images to convince foreign defence companies of his connection with BJP, the ruling party in India.
  • In September 2010, Verma send an email to Allen containing photos of Varun Gandhi at his farm house. In addition, Verma sent number of emails confirming his dinner with Varun several times.
  • Verma’s another mail to Allen confirmed that he hired Russian prostitutes for Varun after the defence meeting with Brigadier Frederic Hillelson from Sweden.
  • In November 2011, Verma and Varun held secret meetings with the board members of SIG Sauer, one of the largest small arm manufactures in the world.
  • Varun kept visiting Verma and Wing Cdr Sam Surve till 2012 even after they were released from jail on bail in the Navy War Room Leak  case.
  • After getting bail in 2008, Verma and Sam Lal joined together to tie up with HBC, and to lobby for defence tender. They also hired Air Marshal Harish Masand to compromise serving air force officials.
  • Involvement of many serving and retired Air Force officials including son of a most senior Air Force official.

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The detailed letter sent by C Edmonds Allen has explained all these allegations along with evidences. He had sent the CDs containing those photos and printouts of various emails suggesting a ‘close friendship’ between Varun and Verma. He had also forwarded the letter to Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and National Security Adviser to PM, Ajit Doval.

However, opposing these allegations, Varun Gandhi on Saturday came out with a two-page long response, saying that there is “not one grain of truth or shred of evidence” against him. He said that parliamentary records would show that he never attended any meeting of the defence consultative committee and very few of the standing committee.

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See the letter sent by C Edmonds Allen here:

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