Video: Apple has been lying to buyers about iPhone specifications?

Apple makes a number of claims including that its iPhone has the best camera in the business, but it turns out a claim about the camera has not been genuine for the past 3-4 years at least.

Video: Apple has been lying to buyers about iPhone specifications?

The attention to detail, the use of top-quality components, the perfect finish, user-friendly advanced software and many more things have been said to set apart Apple's smartphone iPhone from the rest of the lot, it has been publicized regularly. But if reports are to be believed, Apple's claims of using the best components has just been exposed in a report by JerryRigEverything. 

It's been revealed that the iPhone 7 camera lenses are scratching easier than expected even though they are made from sapphire, said to be the third hardest natural material on the Mohs scale behind diamond and moissanite. Apple has been claiming it uses sapphire on its iPhone camera lenses for the past few years now since the launch of iPhone 5S.

A video on YouTube by JerryRigEverything reveals Apple uses cost effective sapphire laminate on top of regular glass instead of using a sapphire iPhone camera lens as claimed for the past few years in the specifications of the smartphone that have been widely circulated and available on the public domain. The YouTube video includes scratch tests to rate the durability of the iPhone 7 camera lens to prove its not actually all-sapphire.

Meanwhile Apple issued a statement claiming it uses sapphire crystal in its iPhone lens. "Apple confirms the iPhone 7 camera lens is sapphire, and under proper testing conditions, achieves the hardness and purity results expected from sapphire."

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the latest versions of tempered glass such as Gorilla Glass scratch at level 6 or 7, while sapphire only shows scratches at 8 or 9. The iPhone 7’s camera scratches at 6, the same as the versions of Gorilla Glass on the market. Hardware buff Zack Nelson has found that Cupertino's sapphire glass uses a lower-quality material, making it as prone to scratching as regular tempered glass, The Register reported.

The circumstantial evidence brought forward goes on to prove that the iPhone 7 lens isn't in any way more scratch-prone than any other rival smartphone's. This shows that it has for years been just a marketing gimmick on the part of Apple to claim the iPhone has sapphire glass camera lens. In fact, Apple tried a couple of years ago to make the entire display of the iPhone out of sapphire glass, but poor yield eventually let the California based tech giant to stick with hardened glass instead.

Watch the entire analysis video that shows how a variety of lab tests prove that the iPhone 7’s does indeed have a camera lens made of sapphire glass.