Video: Daughter Tiffany refuses dad Donald Trump's kiss after Leaked Tape

Following the recent release of Trump's leaked tape where Donald Trump has been heard making lewd comments on women, Donald Trump's daughter, Tiffany Trump dogged a kiss from her father after second US presidential debate

There is no specific reason that has yet been established as to why Donald Trump's daughter from his second marriage, Tiffany Trump, avoided kissing her father after the second US presidential debate.


Nonetheless, there are speculations that, much like Trump's present wife, Melania Trump, his daughter Tiffany Trump, too, does not appreciate the degrading comments on women made by Donald on the recently leaked tape from 2005.

After the second debate session where Trump competed with Hillary Clinton, Trump met with his family where Tiffany refrained from kissing him.

It might as well have been an effort to move out of his way so the media could get a better coverage of him or the 22- year-old might just be behaving how most children do when their parents get mushy in public. On the other hand, the social media can't help but notice, especially after it has been brought to public notice that Donald "doesn't mind" having relations with a 24-year-old despite being married to Melania and as the leaked tape confirms he can't help kissing beautiful women, even if they do not quite approve of or are married.

Here is how Tweeters have responded to Tiffany dodging her father's kiss:

Perhaps avoiding the kiss is a consequence of keeping Tiffany out during the campaign as opposed to her other siblings. Also, it has been brought to notice that unlike her other family members, she did not sit on the from row to support her father at the second presidential debate.