VIDEO: deadly crash at East Hartford, Connecticut; FBI questions Jordanian pilot

F.B.I. is investigating whether the pilot, a Jordanian citizen named Feras M. Freitekh crashed the flight intentionally or not

A twin-engine flight crashed on Tuesday afternoon at East Hartford, killing the co-pilot and and seriously injuring the pilot, said authorities.

Reportedly, the flight crashed into in an area near 400 block of Main Street close to Brewer Street, added officials.

Watch the video of the deadly plane crash here:

As per CBS News, the F.B.I. is investigating whether the pilot crashed the flight intentionally or not.

The pilot was a Jordanian citizen named Feras M. Freitekh. He came to US to study a course for the flight school, where he enrolled later , said officials adding that he entered America on an M1 Visa in 2012.

The Federal Aviation Administration revealed that the flight was a Piper PA 34, which crashed into the town area around 3:40 p.m.

The flight on its last peg of journey to land at the Brainard Airport in Hartford when the mishap happened, said eye witnessses, adding it nose dived into the Main Street in East Hartford which was only a stones throw from the busy upmarket building of American Eagle Financial Credit Union.

Authorities revealed later that two people were in flight when it was met with the tragedy. While the pilot, the Jordanian national survived the crash with serious injuries, his co-pilot died immediately at the spot.

His body still lying in the wreckage of the charred flight, at the time of filing this report. The pilot is currently recovering at the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center and he is reportedly cooperating with the enforcement agencies, said local police.

The unexpected incident put a halt on the busy traffic in the down town leading to massive traffic snarls.

Police said, the 400 block of Main Street is likely to be closed until Wednesday morning to help vehicle traffic.

Sources said, the National Transportation Safety Board is likely to be conduct a probe soon. Authorities have requested FBI to investigate the crash as the crash area is near the Pratt and Whitney, Police Chief Scott Sansom told media.