Video: Dubai millionaire who bid Dh33Mm for No: Plate 5 Fined Dh1000 for illegal Parking

The Dubai based businessman, Balwinder Sahani, has been fined Dh1,000 for parking illegally into a disabled slot, along with four black points on his driving licence

The Dubai based businessman, who was only recently dominating the media for having bought a Dubai number plate 5 for Dh33 million, at an RTA auction, is back in news, this time around its not something to rejoice about.

Balwinder Sahani, the Chairman of RSG International, who owns 6 Rolls Royce and 10 unique number plates, is back in the limelight. This time around, its for getting fined Dh1,000 and four black points on his licence.

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The irony is that the same number plate that Mr. Sahani had claimed to bring him good luck, landed him into trouble when he parked his D5 Rolls Royce in the disabled parking spot. The fine had been issues by the Dubai Police, for illegal parking as disabled parking spots are specifically reserved for drivers with special needs.



Dubai Police Chief, Lt Gen Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, conveyed that this was just as much a traffic violation as any other and having a higher financial status was not going to get anyone out of trouble for committing illegal acts. Through his statement he makes it clear that everyone is equal before law.

A short video had gone viral on social media, where the driver of Mr. Balwinder was seen parking the car and the owner getting in a few seconds later. On social media as well, the illegal act was criticised to a great extent.

Lt Gen Al Mazeina said that Mr. Sahani, confessed to his mistake and he himself agreed that he should not be given any special treatment and deserved the fine much like anybody else.

In addition to Dh1000 parking fine, Police also confirmed the the violated was called to the police station and was issued black points on his driving licence.

It was not Balwinder Sahani who was driving the luxury car, when the incident happened, as per media reports.

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