Video: Jemima Goldsmith appears as Melania gropped by Trump mannequin at UNICEF event

Jemima Goldsmith appears in a characteristic white Melenia Trump-attire and strapping a plastic figure of the controversial US presidential nominee's strapped to her body.

Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of former Pakistan Cricketer Imran Khan turned up as Melenia Trump with a mannequin of Trump in an attractive white costume for a Halloween Ball hosted by Unicef on Thursday night in London.

Jemima later shared “khanjemima”Grab ’em by the pussy” on her Twitter and Instagram accounts to mock Trump. She literally stole the gathering, clad in a characteristic white Melenia Trump designed fashion attire and strapping a plastic figure of the controversial US presidential nominee’s strapped to her body.

To add more insults to the Republican candidate, she arrived on the venue holding an election campaign hoarding for Trump.

Here are pics and videos of of her fabulous appearance at the UNICEF programme, now gone viral all over:

The 42-year-old celebrity’s bold action has been seen as a strong political stance on the sexist, jingoists and predatory attitude of Donald Trump to women.
This week alone, two more former participants of his popular show aired in TV, one decade back have alleged sexual harassment against him.

Apart from attacking Trump, Jemima also hit out at his wife and former model Melania for her controversial act of copying from US first lady Michelle Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.
Jemima also carried a large pamphlet to the venue with words written in bold letters: ‘Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech’.

Melania was at the centre of controversy, last July, when her welcoming speech delivered at the Republican National Convention, was later found to be copied exactly from and Michelle’s famous speech years ago.

But, she has denied any role in it, saying it could be a mistake.