Video: Watch how Apple's "Magic Keyboard" works

Apple seems to be in talks with a new start up company, Sonder, which specializes in manufacturing innovative keyboards. Rumors are that Apple is soon to acquire Sonder and create its next generation Magic Keyboard

Video: Watch how Apple

As per reports, secretly Apple is working on manufacturing a new next-generation Magic Keyboard for Apple desktops and laptops. This rumour was first appeared on the miro-blogging site Reddit when an anonymous writer had started a speculation that Apple maybe working on a mysterious new product as it has lately been in the process of acquiring a Sonder, a start-up company.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, recently met with the founder of Sonder and reportedly began talks for acquiring the company that had specialised in making innovative keyboards. The keyboard that Sonder designs is much like Apple's own bluetooth Magic Keyboard. The only addition, is a unique feature that enables it to change the E Ink display in accordance with the application being used.

The person who had started the speculation on Reddit agreed that she has received the information at an event through Foxconn who is also affiliated with Sonder. Reporedly, during the event Foxconn has announced its plans on working with Apple and creating a new keyboard for the tech giant.

The Next Generation Magic Apple keyboard, as per the company is most likely to be release in 2018 . At the Foxconn the company displayed a keyboard and demonstrated its features. It can be expected that the keyboard that is being made behind closed doors is going to have the "Magic" factor to it that the current one slightly lacks.

The keyboard is not only capable of changing E Ink according to the application being used, but it also changes according to language preferences.

Any father detail about the product or its manufacturing is yet to be disclosed. Although, Apple has not confirmed the same, The Guardian has said, that Sonder has started talks with the Apple company and they are most likely to be working together in the near future to make it a reality soon.