War not an option for Pak, India: Pak envoy

Both sides are fully aware of the consequences of a war between two nuclear-armed nations

War not an option for Pak, India: Pak envoy

A Pakistani envoy on Monday said war was not an option for Pakistan and India. The Pakistani envoy was visiting the Unites States of America to discuss their views on the Kashmir issue.

"Going to war is not an option at all. Both countries need economic development and to focus on the welfare of their people," Pakistani amba­ssador Jalil Abbas Jilani was quoted as saying by Pakistani daily Dawn.

According to the report, legislators - Mushahid Hussain Syed and Shezra Mansab Ali Kharal disregarded the view that the New Delhi and Islamabad were moving towards another war.

"There will be no war," Hussain said, adding, "Both sides are fully aware of the consequences of a war between two nuclear-armed nations."

"Talks are important, not just for Pakistan and India, but also for the people of Kashmir. They too deserve to live in peace and with dignity," added Kharal.

Both countries had agreed to reduce tensions after talks took place, over the phone last week, between the national security advisers spoke of repsective governments in India and Pakistan, the daily quoted the lawmakers as saying.

The ambassador has urged the US and other major world powers to encourage India to engage with Pakistan for a peaceful resolution of all disputes, including the core issue of Kashmir.

Earlier Hussain and Kharal, in an interaction with Pakistani journalist, said the Americans had maintained "very high-level" contacts with the Indian and Pakistani governments.

"We are convinced that the (Narendra) Modi government will finally resume bilateral talks with Pakistan," said Hussain.

Relation between India and Pakistan has been on the boil, after terrorists from Pakistan killed 19 Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri last month. The situation grew worse after the Indian Army carried out surgical strikes on several terrorist positions in Pakistan's territory.

Meanwhile, Kharal also warned India not "to stir troubles in Balochistan as India too has faultlines".

The official said India had more than 17 separatist movements and if Pakistan wanted, it could have exploited those situations.

"But we did not because we regard those as India's internal affairs. India should also stop interfering in our internal affairs," she added.