Watch: Miley Cyrus ran a "Dorm to Dorm" Campaign for Hillary Clinton

After Katy Perry and Madonna, Miley Cyrus shows her support for Hillary Clinton and tells fans to "kiss her a**�" if they don't vote for Clinton

Watch: Miley Cyrus ran a "Dorm to Dorm" Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Prior to the election day on 8 November 2016, Miley Cyrus has made sure to contribute towards making Hillary Clinton the next President of Unites States, as she starts a campaign to show her support with the hashtag #imwithher.


She recently posted a picture of herself, being over back and showing off her crotch and asked the fans to "kiss her A**" if they decide to vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton.
On Sunday,  she surprised the students of George Mason University’s campus in Virginia, in her furry blue cropped top and a striped skirt with the print of the American flag. While she visited the university, Cyrus made sure to address the core issues that are vital to her and which Hillary Clinton has been supporting throughout the Presidential election race, such as LGBTQ rights, planned parenthood and of course, Hillary Clinton setting a style statement in her late 60s.

She even took the opportunity to bash Donald Trump, who is competing with Hillary Clinton for the 2016 elections.

The fact that Miley, 23, took time out from her busy schedule to campaign for Hillary, considering her stint at The Voice, goes on to show that the singer is determined to do her part to get Hillary into power. She has also been active on social media and constantly showing support for her favourite candidate.

Perhaps, Miley is an effective source to convey to the youth, the importance of voting and voting for the candidate who supports the issues that are related to the millennial.

She, along with Katy Perry, Madonna and numerous other celebrities have publicly shown their support, asking their fans to vote for Hillary Clinton.