Suffering from thinning of hair? Here are some methods to help you....

Things to do when your hair is thinning...

Suffering from thinning of hair? Here are some methods to help you....


Lack of minerals can cause hair loss. Try to include iron-rich foods such as liver, kidney, bran flakes and soya. Proteins and zinc are very necessary for hair growth. Wheatgerm, shell-fish, pumpkin seeds and egg yolk have lot of them, so if you're suffering from loss of hair, include these foods.


Use only those shampoos that help in improving the growth and health of your scalp. Also use good hair spray while drying your hair to make hair stand up from your scalp. This will show a fuller hair appearance. Avoid leave-in conditioners and too much usage of hair-sprays that flattens fine hair.


It is said that sea kelp supplements can help to stop hair from falling out and thinning. These are available at any health shops. If you find hard in keeping up with the zinc or iron intake, then try zinc and iron supplements that to promote hair growth.


Who doesn't love head massages. Massages increases the blood circulation to your scalp and strengthens the hair roots. Generally, masseurs use oils like coconut, almond, sesame or olive that help in nourishing hair while boosting circulation through gentle massages.


Not everyone knows about this but most of the hair experts say that it controls hair thinning and gives fine hair with a final rinse of cool or cold water. This will close the cuticles and makes the hair to swell slightly so that your tresses looks thicker.

Fingernails rubbing

Rubbing fingernails briskly against each other, for around 10 minutes daily stimulates hair growth and makes hair healthy.  It is an ancient technique and works.  Many still follow this traditional practice.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight ponytails, braids, or any other styles that stresse hair roots can lead to hair loss. Moreover, hair may stop growing permanently from those areas, leading to bald patches. For daily hairstyle, opt for loose up dos, ponytails or braids that keeps hair under control.