What should be done with old Apple Mac when you’re looking for upgrade

Sometimes, you may feel like moving onto a new better model with more specs. Here are some checklist on how you can trade your old Mac...
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Users find it quite difficult to let go of their old Mac computers as it becomes an integral part of their lives, but there comes a time when you may feel like moving onto a new better model with more specs.  Here is a checklist on how you can trade your old Mac…

1.  Clean your Mac first
The first thing to do make your Mac presentable and also to ensure it is in sellable condition.

2. Back it up!

Now, ensure you have sufficient back up all your valuable data and all the files you stored in your Mac.

3. Sign out of iTunes

Dont forget to first signed out of your Apple id.

4. Factory restore it
Now, you have to proceed to restore your Mac to factory condition. If your system is having a boot disk, keep it secure as prospective buyers require it and it is useful for them.

5. Selling Mac to your friends or relatives
Use your family or friend’s circles if anyone is interested in buying Mac from you. If so, ask for a better deal if you know the person befre, if he is a total stranger, then ask for fair and legible price for the device. Also provide them with post-sales support, better to tell them about the working condition of the device, to avoid later grudges or heart burns.

5. Sell it off with Apple Gift Card

In United States, Apple has its own Renew and Recycling program that takes care of your old Mac. Apple is ready to take back old models of any Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad for reuse or even for recycling. Also chances are you could just grab an Apple Gift Card.

You will receive support from Apple’s partner called PowerON. It will give you a package having all accessories free of cost. You need to just get the info from Apple officials site, regarding the amount you may receive on a gift card.

6. Sell it to local Mac reseller
You can approach a Mac reseller, who will be paying you after verifying the usability and year of the model.