Why iPhone is better than Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones: Users explain

This account of users explaining why Samsung Galaxy smartphones have nothing on Apple's iPhone shows why an iPhone is an iPhone.

Why iPhone is better than Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones: Users explain

Samsung Galaxy may be the more affordable smartphone in comparison which gives it the upper hand over iPhone. But typically, Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone may be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times the price of a phone being offered by a cheaper brand with very similar specifications.  This is quiet disappointing for many users.

Performance - This is one of the biggest issues  with Samsung , it has such a stupid skin on the Android OS and it is just not ready to admit it at all .Here when you go with the performance level comparison, iOS overrules most of Android specifications. Because iOS updation coming cool with easy accessibility than Android mode. So the product is simply user friendly if you always go with it. If you are a Apple lover for ages, then you are bound to like it, The better phone is the one

you like better. If you're still not sure, head on over to the local store of your carrier of choice and play around with the display models. Spend 10 or 15 minutes on an iPhone then spend another 10 or 15 minutes on an Android. In that short time, you'll get a pretty good feel for which one makes more sense to you.

TouchWiz feature is not so cool in Samsung. So much negative reporting happened with this one. You gotta maintain a manual to track the changes happening on it.  The draining scenario is happening randomly on TouchWiz and that directly effects the apps supported with.
The Touchwiz UI on every Samsung smartphone is draining so much of resources of any phone , that it just can't keep up and hence is either bogged down by a bug in the apps or the UI itself and dosen't recover easily from them .

Providing RAM for memory management is crappy in samsung phones. Other smartphone OEM started to provide 3GB, 2GB RAM for mid range and budget price, samsung still providing 1GB RAM or 1.5 RAM GB. Only few devices now unveiled with 2GB RAM.

The latest memory updation on iPhone RAM is far moved than Samsung by multiplying it 100 times. So the lag and stuck of screen is not at all a problem with iPhone. But when it comes to Samsung , users are facing all these hang problems. 

All Samsung mobiles will perform best at the beginning but after some periods (say 6 or 8 months), it will have a poor performance. And they’re too costly than other mobiles. Samsung User Interface are not liked by many people. Although its an android phone, the User Interface looks like an ordinary featured phone. This maybe a major draw back of all Samsung phones. base time is maximum 6 comparing with any other phone with same specification in market. Samsung got that much problem when it comes to long term use. But iPhone is very handy and durable in the terms of long time even though people tend to shift to next level model.

Talk time

Talk time durability in Samsung is directly related to battery life. The battery life of Samsung is very low when it compares with iPhone. You cannot make continues calls or conference call on Samsung like the way you do with iPhone. The call will drop eventually.

Screen quality

The iPhone is fully equipped with visually impeccable screen. But the Samsung loses here when it comes to screen quality. And next time iPhone is coming with OLED screen to make more treat for eyes

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