Zeishan Quadri set to direct 'Gangs of Wasseypur: Part Three'

Kashyap was sufficiently interested in the subject. He asked Quadri to sit down and etch out a rough script which he did.

Zeishan Quadri set to direct

A casual conversation between film director Anurag Kashyap and the enterprising Zeishan Quadri changed the course of Quadri’s life. Quadri had grown up in the town of Wasseypur and had witnessed first hand the power struggle between different criminal families who wanted to control the coal business emanating from Dhanbad.

The rivalries were so intense that they degenerated into inter-generational feuds which continue to operate to this day.

Quadri’s father was an engineer, who worked in the Dhanbad coal mines and as a young boy growing up in this harsh world, Quadri saw the ruthlessness of the coal mafia first hand.

Kashyap was sufficiently interested in the subject. He asked Quadri to sit down and etch out a rough script which he did. The rest is history. Kashyap and Quadri co-scripted an iconic film called 'Gangs of Wasseypur' which not only won them a slew of awards, but also earned them over Rs 50 crore in profit.

The movie won praise in Cannes where the entire cast wore red gamchhas when they made a public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. In order to arouse public interest, they even brought out a fictitious online newspaper called Wasseypur Patrika.

Quadri found himself propelled into the big league in terms of script writing and gained enough confidence to be able to both script write and direct 'Gangs of Wasseypur: Part Three', for which he hoped shooting will start very soon.

"When I write a crime story, I follow a real story. I like to go and personally meet the victims and wherever possible, the protagonists in order to understand their psychology," said a very confident Quadri, who pointed  out that not only has he completed the research for the third part of 'Gangs of Wasseypur' but is in the process of completing the script.

"I grew up in Wasseypur but I remained very conscious that I am not making a documentary. I had to tell an interesting story so one just picked up many of the incidents  that took place there and which provided the masala which went into making these films," said Quadri who was in the capital recently as one of the Josh speakers.

Quadri emphasises that these feuds go back to the nineteen forties  when Dhanbad became the centre of coal mining.

It was then part of the Bengal province. Most of these families have forgotten how these feuds first started.

"It's like the India-Pakistan war, it is going on incessantly with no end in sight. It's obvious these feuding families of Dhanbad are unhappy and upset at this violence but today this fight has turned into a business. It has become an extortion business from which they are all profiting," said Quadri.

"Of course, Gangs of Wasseypur Part 3 will be different but many of the characters will remain the same because people identify with them. I will add some new characters and will change the story but its backdrop will remain the coal mining operations of Dhanbad. I must hasten to add that the criminals are more organised these days with most of them having moved into politics," Quadri explained with a laugh.

Quadri’s confidence  levels have further risen with the success of  Luv Ranjan’s  movie Pyar Ka Punchnama, which Quadri both scripted and directed and which has also turned out to be a box office success.

A highly sought-after script writer, he is presently  working on two other scripts. "The first is a love story in the Romeo-Juliet mould, which is set in the sixties before all these new technologies like mobile phones came into existence. Romances had a different flavour then. The movie will focus more on lyrics rather than on the kind of music which is prevalent these days."

"Love in those days had a different charm. Technology, including Whatsapp, has proved to be the murderer of love,’ he said.

The other movie script focuses on sports. It will be on the MS Dhoni movie style though he is not revealing whether it will focus on one sport or on several games because it is obvious that Quadri loves to talk and while talking about the script, he began to elaborate on how 'as a schoolboy, I loved sports’ and was lucky to have played a variety of games.

`My movie will emphasise the need to integrate sports into a student’s daily routine. Every youngster has to be encouraged to play sports,’ he adds.

His respect for his mentor Anurag Kashyap borders on adulation. "When I left Dhanbad, I spent some time in Meerut and then joined a call center in Noida. The work environment was not very exciting," he said.

He left his job and went to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood. He gave himself six months.

"I landed in Bombay on March 17, 2009. When I was there, I joined a college and studied there for three years. The name of my college was Anurag Kashyap. He was my mentor and I studied under him for three years. He teaches by example and  everything I have learnt is because of the time spent with  him," he added.

Did he find it difficult to do script writing? Quadri does not think so. His approach is to first prepare a rough draft written in a linear fashion and then convert that into crisp dialogues. Being a producer helps because he can work on other scripts while also taking time out to focus on his own.