1 Million Rupees for 3 Days - Election Commission Breaks Its Own Call for Cutting Down Election Expenditure

Election Commission personnel who visited Kerala during last assembly elections squandered 10 lakh rupees for their 3-day stay. They opted a private luxury hotel although the government had arranged facilities for accommodation and meetings at guest houses.

1 Million Rupees for 3 Days - Election Commission Breaks Its Own Call for Cutting Down Election Expenditure

The election commission personnel who visited Kerala to examine the preparations for assembly election held during May 1-3, 2016 are facing allegations of financial misconduct. According to a report published by Malayalam news portal, e-vartha, the profligacy of the members of the Election Commission of India puts a burden of around 1 million rupees on the shoulders of the Kerala Government. The letter sent by the election commission asking the state government to allow the amount from the budget substantiates the allegation.

Though the government guest houses had been arranged for the accommodation and meetings, the commission members opted to stay at the luxury hotel, Vivanta by Taj. The invoice sent by the hotel includes the expenses for stay, food, rent for meeting halls, tea and snacks. The same amenities are available in much lower rates at Government guest houses and luxury hotels managed by the state government itself.   


The team consisted of the Chief Election Commissioner, two Election Commissioners, Deputy Election Commissioners and Directors of Election Commission.  During the visit, they held discussions with the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary Home, Director General of Police, other bureaucrats and representatives of different political parties. The number of invoice sent by Taj Vivanta (3681701790)  has been included in the election commission’s letter to the government.  


The squandering by election commission itself is ironic as it demands political parties to control the reckless spending during elections. The large section of the temporary staff appointed to take care of election procedures get only 4000 rupees for the 24 hour duty for 28 days, and they even have to wait for weeks to get the payment done. Meanwhile, the Vigilance has started an investigation based on the allegations against financial mismanagement during the last parliament election.