A Dolphin's day out in Nayarambalam, Kochi

A dolphin trapped in a local backwater canal near Kochi attracted hundreds of people. Police and Forest officials stood with the local villagers in guiding it back to the sea .

A Dolphin

Locals and forest officials helped a dolphin which entered the backwaters of Njarakkal,Kochi back to the sea after almost a day long effort. The dolphin had been exhausted swimming in the  shallow waters  of the canals and lack of food.


According to locals, a 10 ft long dolphin was first soptted  in the river stretch near St Augustine Church, Nedungad late on Tuesday night. ' As it was dark it was difficult to do anything to rescue the mammal then. But we ensured that people didn't harm or frighten it, said Rajan and Augustine, natives of Njarakkal.


The police and forest officials arrived on the next day morning and they guided the dolphin to the canal  connected to sea with the help of a small boat. As they could not negotiate the sea bed where the stream connects with it, the plan had to be changed. With the help of the local fishermen the dolphin was netted and released to the sea off the Njarakkal shore by late evening.


Hundreds of people had lined up on both sides of the stream for hours to get a glimpse of the huge aquatic animal.