Apple all set to release VR enabled, wireless charging, transparent iPhone 8?

Apple plans to capture the smartphones market by new iphone 8 having augmented reality, wireless charging and OLED display

Smartphone manufacturer Apple is going to launch a see-through iphone 8 with multi-party augmented reality in 2017.

Apple plans to capture the smartphones market by new iphone 8 having wireless charging and OLED display, say tech experts.

How VR helps Apple iphone 8?

Apple iphone 8  will not overheat while playing VR, and iphone 8 depends mostly on artificial intelligence. It allows you to enhance VR and augmented reality experiences, as its GPU allow your iphone to draw more polygons per second than any other phone.
Sephora, a tech firm has shipped all augmented reality stuff in the iPhone app, they will be made part of Apple’s iPhone 8 for AR features.

What are specs and features of Apple iphone 8?

1. Augmented reality
Apple iphone 8 is a futuristic smartphone having multi-party augmented reality (AR). Smartphones by HTC Vive or Oculus Rift have AR and Google also coming with AR soon, but Apple claims to come with a high-end technology for iphone 8 that is likely to give a tough challenge to other smartphones.

2. wireless charging

Apple is likely to come  with wireless technology for its iphone 8, marking a new tech updates for new iphone lines by Apple. Apple says wireless charging will finally end Apple’s unique headphone jack forever, as iphone 7 came without a headphone jack in 2017.

3. OLED Display:

Apple is finally bidding farewell to old-LCD, the new design change will be made part of all Apple line of iphones in the future, revealed Apple sources.

3.  What is new from Apple design team for the future:

Apple is likely to release “Apple Holographic” mixed reality glasses in 2018, along with new tablets, Mac and iphones.