Bengaluru: Driver decamps with Rs 1.37 crore from ATM van

Out of the Rs 1.37 crore gone with the van driver in Bengaluru, one lakh was in 100 rupee notes. Remaining 1.36 cr was in 2000 rupee notes, TS Sudhir has tweeted

Over Rs 1 crore in new currency has gone missing after the driver of a van carrying cash to an ATM in Bengaluru allegedly drove away on Wednesday.

Officials are hoping that the serial numbers of the new notes will help track down the missing money, NDTV reported. There was Rs. 1.37 crore in the van.

The incident happened around 2:15 pm on the busy KG road in Upparpet police station limits, a report in The News Minute said.

Senior journalist TS Sudhir tweeted: “Out of the Rs 1.37 cr gone with the van driver in #Bengaluru, one lakh was in 100 rupee notes. Remaining 1.36 cr was in 2000 rupee notes.”

The man had been hired on contract. He allegedly went missing from outside the Bank of India, where he was supposed to collect more cash. The van had three people and as soon as the gunman and a supervisor got down at the ATM, the driver sped away with the van.

The Bank of India zonal manager, Eshwarappa, said the company Logitech was responsible for collecting cash from different branches.

The driver has still not been found.

According to an official at Logicash Solution, the van filled with Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 notes was being driven by a man called Dominique Roy to the Bank of India ATM on KG road.

The van did not have GPS facility.

“We are service providers. But we hire manpower and vehicles from vendors. The van and the driver were hired from Secure Transit services. The gunman was from another agency. We have submitted whatever details we have about the driver and the vehicle. According to the contract with the bank, it is the vendor who should be answerable to this. However, we are co-operating with the police in the investigation” the official told News Minute.

“After reaching the ATM, the gunman got off the van. Roy allegedly told the gunman that he will take a U-turn and come back to the ATM so that it would be easy for him to put the cash. The gunman reported to the police when the driver did not return after 10 minutes,” a police source at Upparpet police station said.

On August 9, in a train heist that took place on the Salem-Chennai Express, Rs 5.75 crore of Rs 500 notes was stolen.