'PM, Who wants to kill you' asks Anand Sharma in Parliament

He slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rhetoric asking whether India's 86% currency is black money

Opposition attacked the NDA government's demonetisation move on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in Rajya Sabha today, saying the country will teach the government a lesson for this action.

Initiating the discussion on the topic, Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Upper House, Anand Sharma said the opposition was united against black money and terrorism. But he criticised the implementation of the move saying the government could have at least notified common man.

"86 per cent of currency scrapped in one move. Does that mean all of it was black money?...Take a decision, but don't tarnish the entire nation" he said in Rajya Sabha

He  slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rhetoric asking whether India's 86% currency is black money.

"We are a constitutional democracy. Without any notice or warning, the government implemented the rule and made everyone criminal.It is a fact that our economy runs on agriculture.Does the farmer, who puts food on our table, bring home black money,"he said.

"How can government stop the common man from withdrawing own cash?" Congress leader asked.

"It is painful that people are standing in queues...There are people who are taking turns to stand in ATM lines. So many have died standing in line. This government has no compassion. Your government is insensitive," he added.

Sharma asked the government to release the names of black money holders. The Congress leader said the move brought financial anarchy to the nation. "Is this law? You have brought financial anarchy to the country."

"Today you have created an environment where you cannot ask questions.If you ask questions then questions are raised on your patriotism," he said referring to the debates going on the topic.

Sharma mockingly referred to the Prime Minister's statement there was a risk to his life."PM Must Tell The House Who Wants To Kill Him: Anand SharmaPM said there is a risk to his life, they will kill him. He beat his chest, said I've given up everything - you go all around the world, what sacrifice is this?"

He ended his speech by saying PM Modi must apologise before the people and alleged that the information on the ban was selectively leaked for corporates.

"You said there has to be secrecy, else, criminals and terrorists would come to know.You did not keep it secret. You leaked it selectively," Sharma said.

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