BJP MLA says Adanis, Ambanis had prior knowledge of currency ban, watch video

Bhawani Singh Rajawat said that the process could�ve been planned properly and could�ve moved step by step

BJP MLA says Adanis, Ambanis had prior knowledge of currency ban, watch video

Putting Modi-led central government into trouble, BJP legislator Bhawani Singh Rajawat alleged that industrialists Gautam Adani and Ambanis had prior information of the demonetisation decision.

A video footage emerged on the internet revealed Rajawat, BJP MLA from Kota in Rajasthan,  claiming these rich Indians knew about the decision to scrap RS 1000 and RS 500 notes before it was announced on November 8.

“Adani, Ambani and others knew about it (demonetisation) beforehand. They were given a hint and they had made arrangements accordingly. You (government) should have printed the new currency as per requirement,” the BJP MLA said in Hindi, in an “off-the-record” conversation.

Moreover, the BJP MLA said that the process could’ve been planned properly and could’ve moved step by step. "Adequate currency should have been printed prior to the demonetisation move keeping in view the population,” he said.

He also criticised the quality of new Rs 2,000 denomination, saying it appears fake on touching it.

However, the legislator reportedly denied the reports after some news channels aired the video, saying he hadn’t given any such statement.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday had criticised the government saying no action was being taken against “real black marketeers” and the “industrialist friends” of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Talking to media after being granted bail in a defamation case, Rahul said, “Those who are real black marketeers, those who have Rs 10-20000 crore, those who go with Modi in planes, action should be taken against them. No action is being taken.”