Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to attend Castro’s funeral

Canada was represented by Governor General David Johnson at a memorial service in Havana today. Trudeau's initial comments after Castro's death was mocked the world over
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the funeral of Cuban revoltuionary leader Fidel Castro, despite the decades long camaraderie between his father and the Cuban leader.

Canada was represented by Governor General David Johnson at a memorial service in Havana today. Trudeau’s initial comments after Castro’s death was mocked the world over.

The Prime Minister’s office released a statement describing Castro as “Cuba’s longest serving President” and “remarkable leader” for whom the Cuban people had  “a deep and lasting affection”. Social media saw a hashtag #trudeaueulogies trending over the weekend after the incident.

The hashtag was flooded in Twitter with satirical takes where users took on Mr. Trudeau paying tributes to fictonal dictators and despots including Mussolini and Darth Vader.

Even Cuban American seantors Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio ruthlessly criticised prime minister’s remakrs.

Political opponents of Canadian prime minister called him as “naive” on Monday, for taking no notice of human rights abuses in Cuba.

The revolutionary leader’s rule was termed as “dark legacy” by Human Rights Watch where they pointed out the punishments for political dissent.

Mr.Trudeau later recognised to journalists on Sunday that Fidel was a dictator and that “there certainly were significant concerns around human rights”.

World leaders and critics of Cuban leader have been pressuring the Canadian prime minister not to go for the funeral.

US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister Theresa May will not be participating in the funeral. The prime minister’s office clarified that the schedule of Trudeau prevents him from making an appearance.