petition demands removal of Zee News’ Jagrati Shukla for Bigotry

The petition called on Zee Media to maintain a distance from Jagrati Shukla's views on minorities and Dalits by taking her off air. petition demands removal of Zee News’ Jagrati Shukla for Bigotry

An online petition started in sought the removal of Zee journalist Jagrati Shukla citing her extremist view points, bigotry and communalist leanings.

Started by Deep Singh on November 2, the petition called on Zee Media to keep distance from such a view points by expelling Jagrati Shukla from the post of Asst. Producer in Zee Media. The petition has 2,532 supporters now.

“We are calling on Zee Media and advertisers of Zee Media to distance yourself from bigotry, casteism, Islamophobia, communalism and genocide denial by removing Jagrati Shukla from the air,” the petition read.

The petition comes days after Jagrati involved in intemperate Twitter battle over the Bhopal encounter that killed eight SIMI members. The petition claimed she had abused Dalits, Sikhs and Muslims in the country with her hate mongering comments in several times.

See the petition here.

According to the petition, Jagrati had made a casteist comment in September this year as one of her responses in social media, ignoring the social conditions of Dalits, the most oppressed group in the country.

Engaging in an argument with a twitter handler over Mayawati , she wrote on twitter: "U can say wteva u like. I say that you are a dalit apologist. And a backward regressive moron. No [now, sic] go clean toilets lol.”

In August, one of Jagrati’s tweets read as: "Sikhs deserved that. What do you expect when you breed hate? They killed Hindus for nothing.  Although I don't support genocide......,” shamelessly blaming several innocents for their own deaths.

Jagrati’s islamophobia was exposed recently, when she indulged in a twitter after the Bhopal Encounter.  Countering the possibility of a ‘fake encounter’ suggested by a twitter user named Fahad, she said: "I read your name. No wonder U sympathize with those Terrorists. #SIMI #Bhopal Btw Which #Madarssa did you U go to? The education is evident lol"

See more provocative tweets by Jagrati Shukla:

Earlier in March, similar petition started in alleged Zee media is deliberately doing biased and misleading journalism.

“Zee media has been failed in ethics of neutral & fair journalism, Its Prime Anchors Sudhir Chaudhary, Rohit Sardana & Rubika Liyakat always act as un declared BJP spokespersons,” the petition said.