Check out the leaked details of Apple’s latest wireless technology

To commemmorate the grand event of Apple's 10th Anniversary, Apple is planning a wireless charging for new iPhone 8. Apple already announced that future Apple line of headphones in iphones will be wireless only.

Apple’s iPhone 8 launch is the most eagerly awaited moment of 2017. Apple sources, revealed to commemorate the grand event of Apple’s 10th Anniversary, Apple is planning a wireless charging for iPhone 8.
Apple has decided to launch iPhone 8 with wireless charging, and Apple staff working hard to meet the deadline, retorted tech magazine Nikkei.

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn,is reportedly made some tests for wireless charging modules for latest versions pf the Apple iPhone 8, and tests are undergoing to make it compatible with the new iPhone 8.

Here are tweets about the new tech innovation for iPhone 8:

If the tests prove to be successful, then soon wireless technology will be made part of Apple’s iPhone 8.
Apple is looking into if Foxconn can come with good quality wireless for iPhone 8 soon.

Sources, said Apple plans to come up with new revolutionary features for its iPhone 8, making it distinct from iPhone 7 launched this year.

Apple’s decision to push for revolutionary wireless technology is led by plan to remove the Lightning port.  Apple earlier announced plan that future Apple line headphones in iphones will be wireless only.

To make the plan work, Apple already ditching present 3.5mm-long jack port in the iPhone 7. The new technology may also solve most of the compatibility issues being faced by its newly launched MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro is not having any USB-A ports to connect to Apple iPhone.

This is causing a lot of practical problems to Mac users now, as they can’t plug iPhone 7 into a new MacBook for charging or can’t use the same kind of (wired) headphones between the two Apple gadgets.

To cut short all these gadget issues forever, Apple wants to launch Wireless charging for iphone 8. Lets hope soon Apple will come with this pathbreaking technology for iphone 8 launch itself…