Death threat to Prime Minister Modi

The caller claimed to have overheard some people talking about killing Modi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about threat to his life, Delhi Police on Wednesday received a call about an alleged plot to kill Modi.

In a report of The Economic Times, it has been said that even though the investigation so far hasn’t thrown up anything particularly alarming and police suspect it to be a hoax, Police isn’t taking any chances. The seriousness of the matter comes from his recent speech at a rally in Goa where he talked about risk to his life.

Reportedly, the call was made around 11.30 PM from a cellphone number issued to Dinesh Kumar, who is a resident of Burari. During the call, the caller claimed to have overheard some people talking about killing Modi. However, the call location was traced to Dilshad Colony.

In the process of investigation, when police team visited the call location, a shop, they found nobody. Later Kumar was traced and interrogated, but he said that he had lent his SIM card to a relative. In turn when this relative was questioned, he said that a stranger had walked up to him outside an eatery and borrowed his phone to make an urgent call.

This version of the story was confirmed by the eatery, report said. Later police found out this caller who repeated whatever he had said in that PCR call. But he couldn’t identify those alleged plotters.

However, the Special Cell and Crime Branch are still working on it.