Demonetisation: 3-yr-old dies, student commits suicide in Uttar Pradesh

After the tiff, father came out of bank with his dead child.

While the cash crunch following the demonetisation in country continues, a three-year-old girl died waiting in a bank and a college student allegedly hanged himself after returning empty handed for the fourth time from the bank.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Dharmendra, a labourer, had been queuing up at the Allahabad UP Grameen Bank in Tindwari in Banda district for a few days to get money for the treatment of his three-year-old daughter Ankita who was running high fever, police said.

However, on Monday he took her along with him to bank, and even after cooperation from the long queue to go in first, bank denied to pay him. After the tiff, he came out of bank with his dead child, the report said.

Sripati Mishra, Banda superintendent of police said that Dharmendra has alleged that bank manager didn't give him the cash and angry villagers blocked the Banda-Fatehpur road with the girl’s body, demanding action against the manager.

In another incident, Suresh Prajapati, 19, hanged himself allegedly after he failed to get cash for the fourth time and had a tiff with the bank manager in Mawai Buzurg village. When he couldn't get the money to pay his fees for the college for the fourth time, he argued with the manager.

Lalloo Ram, his father told police that he was upset with not getting the money and was found dead when his mother went to call him for lunch. Angered villagers attacked the bank building, damaging furniture, reports said.