Demonetisation: Rahul Gandhi joins ATM queue; chaos all over India

People at many of the automated teller machines (ATMs) were agitated finding that there is no cash.

As huge number of people thronged to nearby ATMs and banks to withdraw money and exchange old notes respectively, most of the ATMs failed to re-open at many places across Delhi-NCR and it is reported that the same situation have been witnessed in many parts of the country on Friday morning.

Amid the chaos, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi also joined the long queue, claiming that he wants to exchange his Rs 4000. ” I want to be in the line that’s why I came here. Did you see any “crorepati” in the long line,” Rahul asked.

Many banks are also reported to be cashless after 11 am, however, authorities claim that everything is under control.The Reserve Bank of India has  also decided to dispense Rs 50 notes. The queues at bank branches on Friday just got longer than the previous day. Delhi Police has beefed up security in banks and ATMs in view of the expected rush even as residents fumed over the idea of waiting in long queues on a working day.

forms for exchange

People fill form to exchange old notes, in front of the GPO, New Delhi. (Photo: Vijay Pandey)

People at many of the automated teller machines (ATMs) were agitated finding that there is no cash. Bank officials said ATMs have not stocked up yet, PTI reported.

Two days after the government’s plan to abolish Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes was announced, people including women and elderly persons had gathered at ATMs in their localities but were upset after finding that it was yet to be stocked up in the machines.

The machines which were stocked with cash also ran out of it within a short duration as people queued up there from early morning hours.

The queues outside the banks grew longer with people bringing their old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes for exchange after 11 am.

Gol dak khana

A long queue in front of the GPO, New Delhi. (Photo: Vijay Pandey)

Meanwhile, SBI said normalisation of ATM services will take another 10 days as the number of machines is huge but the vendors providing services are few.

The government’s sudden withdrawal of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes from circulation has caused chaos, with petrol stations and other retailers refusing to accept the larger notes and bank cash machines staying closed.

The government, however, has said that most of the ATMs will be back in operation from tomorrow.

Queues- BOI

A long queue in front of a Bank of India in New Delhi. (Photo: Vijay Pandey)

“Re-configuration (of ATMs), as we have done in the past, takes time so it has to be done one by one. It should be normal in ten days’ time because you have to understand that there are two lakh ATMs (of all banks) in the country but there are only three to four vendors in the country,” SBI’s chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said.

All banks have been asked to be open on weekends including Sunday to deal with the situation. The ATMs resumed functioning from today but there is a limit of withdrawl of Rs 2,000 per day which is expected to be increased in coming week.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to withdraw the high denomination notes, the banks were ordered to remain closed on Wednesday to realign and reload new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 currency.