Demonetisation: BJP slammed it when Congress did it in 2014

BJP had officially said that the demonetisation of currencies will formulate an 'anti-poor' move instead of curbing black money
Rush for cash

While the Central government’s decision to demonetise Rs 1000 ad Rs 500 currency notes invites wide criticism, BJP stands by the move and says that it will be a landmark in the efforts  to unearth black money and to end the fake currency deals. But BJP had an entirely different opinion in 2014, on the demonetisation of currencies as a measure of abolishing black money.

BJP had officially said that the demonetisation of currencies will formulate an ‘anti-poor’ move instead of curbing black money. But it was told in 2014 while the Reserve Bank of India   had decided to withdraw all currency notes issued prior to 2005, during the tenure of Dr Manmohan Singh.

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RBI declassified all the pre-2005 currency notes as legal tender from April 2014 and allotted a time period of nine months to get it exchanged from the banks.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi termed the move as a ‘gimmick’ of the then finance ministry. She had told the media that it was an attempt by the Congress to obfuscate the issue of black money stashed outside the country.

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She also accused that scrapping the currencies would not affect those ‘blue-blooded’ black money holders who have numbered accounts in foreign banks. It would affect those sweating, red-blooded, toiling millions instead, according to Lekhi.

“In India, 65 per cent of the population does not have access to bank accounts and such people – largely illiterate, poor, old and living in remote areas- store their money in cash,” she said.

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Now Lekhi’s party has taken a decision which is severely affecting the commons and they have an entirely opposite opinion on the same issue.

The country is witnessing long queues in front of the banks and ATMs, while most of the ATMs are out of money. BJP aims to gain from Modi’s surgical strike on Black money as an opportunity in the UP elections as they think the poor people would be happy with the ‘bold’ move by the PM.

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