Demonetisation: Bookmychotu queue seva and other happy ending offers

Timely intervention!

Demonetisation: Bookmychotu queue seva and other happy ending offers

Say bye bye to all your 'tax payer's pain' while standing in a queue for your 'hard earned money'. Here you have got a helper to fill your void in the time of demonetisation. Bookmychotu app service provides a helper to stand in Queue of the bank / atm till the time your turn comes! Period.

This start up  is Satjeet Singh Bedi, who is also the CEO of the company. He was quoted as saying that the idea struck him when his mother was ill and he needed money immediately.

The company, originally launched as an online platform to help people hire temporary helpers, is now cashing in on the cash crunch.

'Our boys will not go inside bank, they will just stand in the queue for our customers as we understand that there can be some emergency and our helpers can help you by saving your valuable time." "It started when my mother was ill and I immediately needed cash," "I requested my teammates to stand in the queue in place of me and quickly replaced them when my turn came.
" Says Satjeet

Twitterati's went gaga about the new app's and name its service with their own perceptions. But some really raises valid points!

The patronizing name like 'chotu' is kinda hurt somebody and some asked is there any app from the government to that would be useful for poor people who cannot spare 90 bucks per an hour

Anyways Book My Chotu Facebook page clarifies about the problematic name that the helpers you hire from this service will all be above 18 years of age. It does beg the question, however, why did they choose to call them 'chotus' after all?

So leaving more questions, the app will be coming to google play soon! And the facts suggesting that the chaos about the demonetisation will continue upto minimum 3,4 months and so probably app may reach into more people.

And facebook comment section of Bookmychotu flooded with job queries as well. People are ready to send their 'LinkedIn profiles' to get a job there.

Now you can tap left or right on NaMo app to rate your experience about historic move after changing national capital to Agra.

Meanwhile others had interesting offers as well that will give more comfort than Bookmychotu