Demonetisation toll rises to 34, 48-year-old collapses in Delhi queue

With the demonetisation scheme turning a week old, many people have died in queues and others have died since they were turned away from treatment over old notes.

Demonetisation toll rises to 34, 48-year-old collapses in Delhi queue

The demonetisation of high denomination notes in India has been directly or indirectly caused the death of 34 people so far in the country. As the country survives a week after the demonetisation announcement, the death toll includes farmers, newborn child, senior citizens, housewives and a Bank employee, among others.

Media reports have revealed the unfortunate demises of 34 people, across the country so far, mostly while standing in long queues befoe banks and ATMs for cash. The latest incident was reported in the national capital today, where a 48-year old man died in old Delhi while he was waiting for his turn before the bank.

1. Punjab: Sukhdev Singh died of a heart attack in Tarn Taran before four days to his daughter's wedding  as he was unable to buy groceries and other items due to a shortage of new currency notes.

2. Uttar Pradesh: Sumit, 17 years old son of BSF Jawan, had committed suicide as his mother refused to give small denomination notes.

3. Odisha: A 2-year-old child died in Sambhalpur after an autorickshaw driver refused to take the family to a hospital as they did not have lower denomination notes to pay the fare.

4. Telangana: Lakshminarayana, 75, collapsed and was declared dead while waiting in a queue to deposit cash for over two hours outside a bank in Secunderabad. There wasn't a separate queue for the senior citizen.

5. Bihar: Surender Sharma, a senior citizen, from Aurangabad, had died while waiting in a bank queue.

6. Madhya Pradesh: Halke Lodhi, a farmer from Chhatarpur, committed suicide as he did not have money to buy fertilisers and seeds in Rabi sowing season.

7. Uttar Pradesh: Aziz Ansari, a factory worker in Meerut, died of a heart attack on his third day of trying to exchange currency notes.

8. Uttar Pradesh: Raghunath Verma, a 70-year-old retired school teacher in Jalaun, died at a bank queue while he was in hurry to arrange money for his daughter's marriage.

9. Uttar Pradesh: In a Bulandshahr hospital, owned by union culture and tourism minister Mahesh Sharma, a child died because the parents had only old currency notes. The hospital wanted them to deposit an advance of Rs 10,000 for admission.

10. Delhi: 24-year-old Rizwana from north-east Delhi hanged herself as she was upset about not being able to exchange currency for three days.

11. Gujarat:  A 50-year-old mother committed suicide because she wasn't able to buy ration to feed her family. The shopkeeper refused to take old notes.

12. Uttar Pradesh: Shabana, a 20-year-old woman committed suicide. Because her brother returned home after failing to exchange currency at the bank.

13. Karnataka: A 40-year-old woman committed suicide because Rs 15,000 that she had gone to the bank to exchange got lost or stolen.

14. Chhattisgarh: A 45-year-old farmer from Raigarh committed suicide. He was upset at not being able to exchange Rs 3,000 at the bank for three consecutive days. He needed to send that money to his stranded children in Tamil Nadu.

15. Gujarat: A 69-year-old collapsed and died of heart attack waiting in a queue to exchange currency notes at a Bank of India branch.

16. Uttar Pradesh: An elderly woman in Kanpur died while counting her notes.  Police found Rs 2.69 lakh worth of old currency notes along with her body.

17. Uttar Pradesh: A young man died of heart attack while watching prime minister Narendra Modi's announcement of demonetisation. The man had received Rs 70 lakhs in advance for selling his land just the previous day.

18. Maharashtra:  In Mumbai, a sick newborn child died after a hospital refused admission as the parents didn’t have the legal tender. The government has allowed the use of old currency notes only in government-run hospitals.

19. Andra Pradesh:  An 18-month-old baby died in Visakhapatnam as the parents didn’t have money to buy medicines after a private hospital had refused old rs 1000 and rs 500.

20. Uttar Pradesh: One-year-old boy Kush died as the doctors had stopped the treatment. His father's 500 rupee notes were worthless and they forced to leave the hospital.

21. Rajasthan: A newborn child died after the ambulance had refused to take him to the hospital. In this case, also the 500 rupee notes of a parent were worthless.

22. Uttar Pradesh: A 40-year-old washerwoman in Kushinagar, died of shock on demonetisation when she reached bank to deposit her earning 1000 rupee.

23. Telangana: A 55-year-old homemaker in Mahubabad, committed suicide because she thought her cash savings of Rs 54 lakh were now worthless. She had saved the money for the treatment of her husband by selling land.

24. West Bengal:  A man from Howrah, killed his wife Madhu Tiwari after she came home empty-handed from an ATM. He felt that she should have waited longer in the queue.

25. Bihar: 45-year-old Ram Awadh Sah died of a massive heart attack as he feared his daughter's would-be in-laws may no longer accept his old notes worth 35000 rupees in dowry.

26. Kerala:  A 45-year-old from, KK Unni died after falling from the second floor while filling the deposit slip. He went to deposit Rs 5 lakh which had taken as a loan before one day.

27. Maharashtra: Vishwas Vartak, 72, died of a massive heart attack while waiting to deposit old currency notes at a bank in Mumbai.

28. Gujarat: A 47-year old farmer, who had to pay for farm labour, died of heart attack while waiting to exchange old currency notes.

29. Kerala: 75-year-old Karthikeyan collapsed and died while waiting in a queue.

30. Karnataka:  A 96-year-old man, Gopala Shetty, died waiting in a queue at a bank in Udupi, which was yet to open for the day.

31. Madhya Pradesh: 69-year-old Vinay Kumar Pandey, a retired BSNL employee, died waiting in a queue at the bank to exchange currency notes.

32. Madhya Pradesh: A State Bank of India cashier in Bhopal died of heart attack.

33. Uttar Pradesh: While watching PM’s announcement of demonetisation, a businessman in Faizabad, died after he complained of chest pain.

34. Delhi: A 48-year-old man died in old Delhi while he was waiting for his turn in front of the bank.

The alarming situation grabbed the attention of opposition parties and they are collectively opposing the goverment's policy in the winter session of parliament.

Photo: Vijay Pandey