Demonetisation effect: Villagers loot fair price shop in Madhya Pradesh

The shop owner Munni Lal Ahirwar has alleged in his complaint that the villagers looted foodgrains as they did not have cash to purchase it.

In what can be an “apparent” effect of the government’s ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, cashless villagers at Bardaha village in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh , allegedly looted groceries from the outlet after its owner refused to accept the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, which are now defunct.

According to News 18 report, a group of villagers turned up at the shop to buy food grains and an altercation ensued between them and shop owner Munnilal Ahirwar after the later refused to accept the currencies, police said.

Following the verbal battle with Ahirwar, angry villagers barged into the PDS shop and looted sacks of wheat, rice and sugar, the police added.

Following the incident, the shop owner Munni Lal Ahirwar has alleged in his complaint that the villagers looted food-grains as they did not have cash to purchase it, police, however claimed that no such incident took place and it was only a minor scuffle.

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Bardaha village Sarpanch None Lall alleged that the scuffle took place as Ahirwar was not giving food-grains and other items since the last four months and the villagers had also complained to the Chief Minister Help Line and local police in this reared, but no action was taken, according to a PTI report.

He, according to PTI report, denied reports of villagers looting the fair price shop.

The villagers were not getting ration from the shop since the past four months and yesterday they demanded the owner to give them their due for the full period but he refused leading to a dispute, Assistant Sub Inspector (ADI) Ram Kishore Tiwari said.

The owner asked the villagers to take ration for one month only but they insisted on getting it for the entire four-month period following which they started protesting, he said.